Forget Me Not Brazo de Mercedez is heaven!

Since I'm always busy every day, I have no time to cook my food because I'm already tired. Usually, I forgot to eat dinner or lunch dahil I wanna sleep due to tiring days because of my meetings. Luckily, I'm layas or DORA. Wahhhh

The advantage of being layas or DORA, I have chances to discover new things. Something that really completes my day especially in food, travel, and accommodation. Hahaha it's really magastos, right?!

Pero, one thing I discovered in Lilac when I visited my Friend there. I discovered Forget Me Not Cafe and Restaurant. They have cakes, pastas, entrees, and sandwiches for mapagpanggap na nag-da-diet!

I ordered Brazo de Mercedez, Mallows cake, Nutella cake, and Tiramisu hahaha dami diba? That was my first time to try Forget Me Not kasi. Again, isa (1) lang ang nag-standout sa aking panlasa - Brazo de Mercedez. My verdict for Brazo de Mercedez is heaven and perfect pero for me masarap sya kapag may hot brewed coffee! Kasi hindi OA ang sweetness ng cakes nila plus factor is the creaminess nito. If you will ask me to rate them, I'll give them 9 out of 3. Charot lang... 9 out of 10. where's 1? bahala ka na maghanap.

Photo by: Forget Me Not FB Page

Anyway, the place has a good ambiance and very approachable staff and even their boss. O diba pati boss nakilala ko pa!