The “Apprentice Asia” has its first-ever winner. He is Jonathan Yabut. As a winner, Jonathan gave honor to Sun Life Financial’s “Live Brighter Session.” It is a gathering of bloggers and aspiring financial advisors. Jonathan was able to share his story on how he reached the top from his mediocre beginnings. Now, he is a successful businessman and in-demand motivational speaker.

Yabut first won in a reality show that is hosted by Malaysian business mogul Tony Fernandes. He then became a Chief of Staff at AirAsia. Now, he runs his own JY Consultancy & Ventures. It operates in Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Yabut shared to the bloggers and aspiring advisors how they can become successful in their field. He told them that they must have strong work principles. Aside from this, he inspired them to have in mind that serving others is the purpose that one must have to continue thriving in the field that he is in. JP Cruz, a Sun Life Financial Advisor, also spoke. He gave the bloggers and aspiring advisors insights about his life. He talked about how he managed his career. He shared to them the struggles he faced and the ways he did to overcome the challenges. Like Yabut, he told them to have a purpose on doing their craft and the purpose must be serving others. There are a lot of words of wisdom from the two speakers. The audience surely just have to pick properly the lessons and apply them to their field. In conclusion, Mr. Fin Bernardo, Sun Life Financial Advisor Recruitment Manager said that he hopes that the opportunities like this will benefit the audience and he assures them that being a financial advisor is meaningful and financially rewarding.

“Live Brighter Sessions” are to be held in Cebu and Davao. For more details, follow @sunlifeph on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. To become a Sun Life advisor, visit bitly.com/sunlifeadvisor.