Fight for Financial Freedom

Life as you know it. 
We really have ups and downs in our lives. I was born in a family which can afford things that we want just because we want it. We travel to places and eat at fine-dining restaurants. Until my father left us.

My mother is a government employee and she is earning just enough to feed us and give us something we can bring at school. I was graduating in college that time and I am really struggling. The bank pulled off the car from us since we really cannot pay for it and my mother was having a hard time paying for her credit card. We almost have nothing. We almost lost the battle of life.

Encouragement from the people around you. 

I am very grateful to have good people around me. Even though I have no savings, they supported me and encouraged me until I graduated from college. After graduation, I did not waste any time and I applied immediately and was hired in a multi-national company.

Being employed. 
The drastic changes in my life is still fresh and cannot cope with it yet that time. I still bought modern gadgets, went to parties and traveled frequently.

I almost spent half of my monthly income on those 3 mentioned above. My monthly budget is well-divided on things I need and I want. Each receives a percentage on my salary and I can save only a little amount to nothing.

Things where large percentage of my monthly income go.
I understand the consequences of buying modern gadgets. It is not bad to reward yourself a good high-tech device after your stressful days at work. In this way, you will still feel your hard-earned money went to something you can use.

In my age, my blood is as hot as kitchen fire. Who would not want to dance and party your nerve-wracking thoughts about your boss and personal problem? Who would not want to socialize with people with same as your age and get connected with them?

I am a wanderer. I splurge a lot when it comes to my travel. I have been traveling around the Philippines to see the beauty of our country, meet new faces and know their culture and share our country’s beauty through my blog.

Attending a Financial Wellness Seminar. 

Recently, the company where I am employed conducted a seminar and invited interested employees about financial wellness and the speaker was Chinkee Tan. That time, I was really thinking of why I cannot save money. I thought of attending the seminar since I have lots of questions in my head about everything with regards to my finances.

·         Everyone needs to be financially literate. In order for us to know how to manage and save money properly, we need to set our priorities first before making major decisions. This includes forecasting of our payables and liabilities versus the income you are making.

·         Save before spend. I realized I should save money first before spending it. Save in the sense of investing on a business that will have a sustainable amount for me to spend. Save by means of having an insurance. This will not only cover your future but can be also an investment for you and for your family.

·         Lastly, learn how to be financially capable. We lost our car and my mother was not able to pay on-time her credit card bills because we are not financially capable that time. With being financially capable, we will be able to avoid unmanageable debts like those happened to us before. Instead, invest, invest and invest.