SMART BRO LATEST PROMO: Smart Bro All Text Promo

Send text messages to your friends while browsing the internet. Subscribe with Smart Bro All Text, so that you can send On-Net SMS and send texts messages to your friends in other networks. Here's is the list of Smart Bro All Text.

Smart Bro All Text Promo

Smart Bro All Texts starts for as low as P10, which gives you 20 On-net SMS with 10 all-net plus P1 load. A very affordable and budget friendly all text promo just for you.
Smart Bro All Text 10P1020 On-net SMS with 10 all-net plus P1 loadBROAT102200
Smart Bro All Text 20P20100 On-net SMS with 10 all-net plus P1 loadBROAT202200
Smart Bro All Text 25P25200 On-net SMS with P1 loadBROAT252200
Smart Bro All Text 20 UPP25150 On-net SMS with 10 all-net plus P1 loadBROAT25UP2200
Smart Bro All Text 40P40200 On-net SMS with 20 all-net plus P1 loadBROAT402200
Smart Bro All Text 50P50300 On-net SMS with 30 all-net plus P1 loadBROAT502200

This promo is available to all Smart Bro subscribers nationwide.

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