First Encounter with Dra. Apostol of Above Aesthetic in Quezon City

n this image-conscious era, people are so mindful on how they look, what is the tone of their skin and many more skin-related qualms. Many concoctions now are easy to be reached since they are available in the market but only a few can tell you what might be the effect of those creams and the like on you and the way you live.
Diamond Peel treatment

During the application 

Above Aesthetic Products

Dra. RadiVeruasa-Apostol
Recently, I , together with some bloggers, were invited by a friend to try and have a free consultation in Quezon City. The aesthetic center I visited was Above Aesthetics which is located Scout Madrinan, Quezon City. The clinic is so appealing that it really captivated my eyes and my heart. It's relaxing. 

The bloggers had a very informative talk with Dra. Conrada Veruasa-Apostol who is a plastic cosmetic surgeon. She is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and a Fellow in International College of Surgeons. Need I say more? She is an expert when it comes to beauty, lifestyle and all.

Dra. Apostol on Beauty
     "It's not about how you look, it's about how you live it", she said. Agree! There are so many things that the bloggers learned from her. Her clinic doesn't only promote beauty -- having surgery and the like, but also the way you live your life is also a factor.

Experience Above Aesthetics
     My experience in Above Aesthetics was superb. I learned a lot from Dra. Apostol and also tips from her accommodating staff on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle to achieve a "good look" (IFYWIM).

Well, I would recommend this aesthetic center for you to know how to live a healthy life.

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