Tara sa Malolos (Vamos A Malolos 2015)

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Vamos Malolos or Tara na sa Malolos 2015
VAMOS A MALOLOS! (which means Tara sa Malolos, in Tagalog and  Let’s go to Malolos, in English) is the city’s Tourism Slogan projecting Malolos as a historic-cultural tourism destination in this part of Luzon.

It is phrased in Spanish to connote Malolos as a historical city that established its crowning glory during the Filipino-Spanish war when the first democracy in the continents of Asia and Africa was founded at the Barasoain Church in Malolos.

Moreover, most of the historic places in Malolos are named in Spanish like Barasoain Church, Ferro Caril, Paseo del Congreso, Pariancillo, Casa Real de Malolos, Inmaculada Concepcion Church (Basilica Minore), etc., even the city’s name Malolos was once called “Los Malos” which means The Rebels.

 Basilica Minore de Immaculada Concepcion
Barasoin Church
As a tourism centerpiece program, Vamos a Malolos aggressively promote the city during the last Quarter of every year when the period of the historic Malolos Congress also came about that culminated in the proclamation of the First Philippine Republic in January 23 of the following year.

To take advantage of this historic period, the Arts, Culture and Tourism Office under the Office of the City Mayor (CMO-ACTO) dubbed the said months as the Tourism Calendar Season of the city to entice tourists to visit and enjoy the historic City of Malolos throughout this period. Hence, various arts, culture and tourism events are laid down to prop up the City in the local and international arena.

There are three highlights in the program, these are: PARANGAL SA KONGRESO (September), PISTANG PASKO SA MALOLOS (December) and FIESTA REPUBLICA (January).

Four (4) main objective of these activities are to raise awareness on the importance of the historic founding of the Malolos Republic, promote the City of Malolos as a heritage/ historical city in the country, encourage Filipinos and other peoples of the world to visit the historic Malolos and establish the city of Malolos as a History Center of the Philippines.

  • Parangal sa Kongreso - Commemorates the founding of the historic Malolos Congress.
  • Pistang Pasko sa Malolos - Celebrates the Christmas fever in the City of Malolos.
  • Fiesta Republica - is a national celebration of the Philippine history in the City of Malolos. 

Lantern Parade from different Barangay of Malolos

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