McDonald's loses its Olympic fries monopoly

In recent days the Olympic committee has overturned its policy supporting a McDonald's monopoly on selling fries at the London Games this summer.
Photo by: AFP
According to British media reports, the exclusive deal meant that the other 800 restaurants at the 40 Olympic Games venues could only serve fries if they were accompanied by fish, but never on their own.

"But LOCOG has buckled under the cries from caterers who have been on the receiving end of abuse from outraged staff working at the Opening and Closing ceremonies rehearsals and who demanded an end to the chip ban," writes The Telegraph on Friday.

McDonald's has four restaurants in London's Olympic Park, including its biggest in the world, which seats 1,500 people.

The fast food giant extended its 36-year backing of the Games in January by signing up as a sponsor for the next eight years. Coca-Cola, a sponsor since 1928, has also signed up until 2020. Cadbury, Nature Valley, and Heineken will be the only other branded products sold at the games. The sponsorship ties have drawn a huge amount of criticism in recent months from health groups in the UK. In May, the Academy of Royal Medical Colleges group called upon the British government to restrict advertising by McDonald's, Coca-Cola, and Heineken during the Olympic Games due to soaring obesity rates in the country. - Source: