Asia’s Soul Siren Nina goes topless for Playboy Philippines June 2012 issue

Marifil Niña Girado, best known simply as Nina, amazed her fans as she goes topless for the June 2012 issue of men’s magazine Playboy Philippines.
Nina, also known as “Asia’s Soul Siren”, was photographed only wearing a pair of jeweled panties on colored feathers to keep up with the Burlesque theme.
Nina posted in her blogspot, “Savor the Soul Siren’s pillow talk as she strips onto a heady set of Burlesque- inspired photos. Nina shows you how she could regale your senses in more ways than one.”
“Flawless” and “sexy” as fans described her.
“Singer Nina, who’s dubbed as the “soul siren,” is probably the last person one would expect to be on the cover of a men’s magazine. Sure, she’s known for dressing in tastefully sexy outfits but her appearance in the June 2012 issue of Playboy Philippines may surprise a lot of people,” said. -