The sophisticated Calvin Klein Collection Fall 2012 at NY Fashion Week - Designer Francisco Costa presented his Calvin Klein Fall 2012 Collection fashion show earlier today, February 16, 2012, at New York Fashion Week.
Costa features classic, elegant styling with long, lean lines, using the KISS method, if you will, meaning “keep it simple, stupid.”
There is also a melding of functions, such as his coats that look dressy enough to function as stand-alone dresses, with the only giveaway being the thickness of the material. No other items of clothing are visible so one has to assume that it is indeed a one-piece coat-dress.
Sometimes the coat-dress is belted with a metallic silver or pewter belt as an accessory, adding interest and if it is indeed a coat rather than a dress, functioning to pull the coat together. You could in fact, wear the simplest of sheaths underneath and wear the belted coat as a dress!
Then for something completely different, Klein will pair a classic skirt or very retro-looking Capri pants with a striking leather top! Or slip in a dress made completely of leather with very futuristic styling.
Speaking of “futuristic,” the silver metallic belt also makes you think of silver Martian boots – sorry, I couldn’t help that but I just read a piece on those space-age metallic boots of the late 1960’s.
The color pallete for this Fall 2012 collection by Calvin Klein is basic black, white and cream as well as different shades of coral and tomato red.
Attending the Calvin Klein Collection Fall 2012 fashion show were Emma Stone and Rooney Mara, who sat together in their red and black dresses, respectively, looking very much like postergirls for Calvin Klein!
Director of American Vogue Grace Coddington and Editors-in-Chief of Vogue Franca Sozzani and Anna Wintour also attended.
Enjoy my slide show of this very grown-up and elegant Fall 2012 Calvin Klein collection…
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