RJ Rosales dies in Sydney Australia

By: Marco Selorio | Updated December 6, 2011 >

Popular Filipino-Australian singer, musical performer and actor RJ Rosales passed away in Sydney yesterday morning. Details of his death have to be confirmed, but at this stage his family has asked to respect their privacy as they mourn the loss of their son.

Rosales, whose real name is Roseo Jose Rosales, first gained fame as a member of an ensemble cast of Miss Saigon back in 1996. Thereafter, he travelled to Singapore and the Philippines, where he later starred in the movie Together Forever with Carol Banawa. He became a household name in the Philippines when he joined variety television show ASAP. The hard-working singer will leave behind a legacy as a successful Australian talent gone too soon.

Rest in peace.

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Cause of Death: Wiki

Rosales has passed away in Sydney on Sunday, December 4, 2011. Rumors about his death ranging from heart attack to suicide. Details about his death have yet to be confirmed. His family requested the public to give them their privacy.


  1. He is a best supporting actor, also he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his character in the film. but bad luck, he had lost his life in little year.