Netizens squirm over restaurants caterpillar caper

[GMA NEWS] A Filipino restaurant has found itself the object of widespread criticism on social media, after an upset customer posted photos online of a vegetable dish with what appears to be a whole caterpillar mixed in.

In an irate but humorously written "break-up letter" to her favorite restaurant, Chic-Boy, Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo gave a detailed account of how she discovered what was apparently a caterpillar in her food —and the ensuing ruckus following her complaint to the restaurant staff.

"Ngayon ko lang nakilala ang totoong CHICKBOY. Kung sino ka, at kung pano mo ko tratuhin. Dalawang linggo na ang nakakalaipas mula ng pinakain mo ako ng ginisang kangkong na may pagka-laki laking bulate o caterpilar o kung ano man yun," Bernardo wrote in a mock heartbreak fashion.

(It's only now that I'm finding out about the real CHICKBOY. About who you really are, and how you treat me. It's been two weeks since you gave me sautéed water spinach with a side of giant earthworm or caterpillar or whatever that was.)

Bernardo said that the incident happened at Chic-boy Timog branch on the afternoon of November 21.

No apology forthcoming

Bernardo added that she is even more disappointed by the restaurant's apparent refusal to grant her an apology. She said that Chic-Boy management "lectured" her about the franchise and called in police to intervene in the dispute.

"Napakadefensive kagad (ng Chic-Boy management)," she said. (Chic-Boy management was very defensive.)

Bernardo ended her Facebook post by suggesting that staff members undergo a seminar on sanitation and customer relations.

Demolition job from competition?

Meanwhile, on the official Chic-Boy Facebook account, the restaurant dismissed the now-viral photo as a "demolition job" by a "desperate competitor."

"If you are familiar with Chic-Boys ginisang kangkong sa bawang, our kangkong is cut into bits. HOW COME IN THE PHOTO THEY POSTED, THE CATERPILLAR IS WHOLE?" Chic-Boy management challenged (emphasis theirs).

Netizens are refuting Chic-Boy's statement, however, saying that the size of the vegetables is irrelevant to the size of the caterpillar found in the dish.

"Should the caterpillar be in bits for it to be believable? It's a sauteed dish, hence, there is a minimal chance of shredding the insect on the process of cooking, if it was really mistakenly dropped in," noted Facebook user Jake Tadla.

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