First Ever 3D Commercial from Ariel Now on TV!

[Femal Network] Ariel Stainlift 3D Deep Clean is making history in more ways than one with its new 3D technology and its 3D commercial.

Have you tuned in to your TV sets lately, FNites? If you have, then you might have already seenAriel Stainlift 3D Deep Clean's newest commercial, the first ever 3D commercial to hit local TV! Kids and adults all over the country have already donned their 3D glasses in excitement to experience history happening on TV firsthand. If you haven't caught the commercial yet, it's not too late to grab your own pair of glasses and join the fun! 

The Ariel production team filmed the commercial using Stereoscopic 3D Imaging via two cameras to imitate how human eyes perceive objects. The two cameras captured two distinct images, which were combined through editing to produce a final three-dimensional image. To view the commercial's full 3D effect, you have to wear 3D glasses, which separate which parts of the image should be viewed by your left and right eyes. 

Ariel decided to create this unique commercial as a way of commemmorating an important scientific breakthrough. With the help of 3D tools, their scientists discovered that 3D technology, which plays a huge part in the creation of larger-than-life movies, can help you get cleaner laundry too!

Just like Ariel's accomplishment with the first ever 3D commercial on Philippine TV, Ariel 3D Deep Clean Technology is also the first of its kind in its field. Scientists created it after examining layers of fabric through aScanning Electron Microscope and getting to the core of pesky dirt and stains. Ariel 3D Deep Clean Technologyremoves stains three layers deep by cleaning in, out, and in between fabric. This means, when you use Ariel, you can completely eliminate stains and make your clothes look brand new without additional effort. 

Have you watched Ariel's 3D commercial on TV yet? BuyAriel Stainlift with 3D Deep Clean Technology, and you might just get a pair of free 3D glasses that come with selected packs. You can also watch the commercial on your computer or laptop! Just visit Ariel’s YouTube channel at