Yahoo! Philippines honors the Pitong Pinoy (Part 1)

Last  August 26, 2011, Yahoo! Philippines gives due recognition to seven modern-day heroes at the 1st Pitong Pinoy Awards.
One of the awardees is Jean Enriquez, a human rights activist and the current head of the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women — Asia Pacific. In her acceptance speech, Enriquez talked about the importance of honor and dignity for everyone in society. "Ito yung gusto nating ipaglaban, hindi iyung sariling interes," she said.
Though she admits that the fight against human trafficking isn't over yet, steps are being taken to put a stop it. She stated, "I don't think we can resolve this in our lifetime but we are counting our victories."
Another awardee, Engineer Alexis Belonio, invented the rice husk gasifier stove. What's more admirable about Belonio is that he wants to share the technology "free of charge" to anyone who may benefit from it.
Meanwhile, Pitong Pinoy awardee Jay Jaboneta is the founder of the Philippine Funds for Little Kids. After the project he undertook for the village of Layag-Layag, Brgy. Talon-Talon, Zamboanga City, he is now helping students in Masbate who have to swim just to go to school.
StepJuan's Tomas Leonor, on the other hand, promotes cancer awareness through his walking expeditions. After walking along Luzon and Visayas, he is now Mindanao-bound to raise money for cancer patients. "Adventure is something that should be experienced by everyone but I choose to have those adventures to help others," he said.
Watch the video of Yahoo! Philippines' 1st Pitong Pinoy Awards.