Today's Deal: P900 instead of P6000 for 40 Hours of English Proficiency Classes at International Language Center - Improve Your Skills

Like a pair of toy handcuffs, language unites people, and like a pair of cuffs with a missing key, the language bond can last a lifetime. Forge linguistic connections with today’s MetroDeal: For P900 instead of P6000, get 40 hours of English lessons at the International Language Center and save proficient 85% on better articulation. This 40 hours program will cover topics such as accent neutralization, pronunciation (vowels, consonants, tone), listening exercises (native and non-native English varieties) and language functions.

Although it is easier to learn a language during childhood, adults are fully capable of picking up and retaining new language skills. The learning process itself is akin to marathon training for lazy neural synapses and both students and professionals can benefit from the International Language Center's classes. Holding better meetings? Presenting more professionally? Or impress this someone special with eloquent speaking? You'll finally have the chance to dramatically improve your English skills. This special program is complemented by topics such as business conversation, casual conversation and personality profiling.

Especially if you're looking for a program that covers topics such as business english, to enhance your vocabulary for situations, when you're simply out of words, this is the program to join. At the end of this particular program, you'll be able to escape those important moments in (business and normal) life where you simply don't know how to articulate yourself in the way you want to, hindering you from important decisions.

One thing is for sure, the International Language Center will guarantee you a wonderful experience that will improve your English communication skills for good.