Effect of 11-11-11 to all businesses

Everyone are excited to launch their new products, to launch their online business etc. Pero ano nga ba ang effect nito sa ating business? Well for my opinion - malaki! why? kasi may recall sa lahat, pangala astig pakinggan kasi tripple nos. diba?

Here's the companies making events this 11-11-11:

1. Jamba Juice Company - They do viral marketing thru social networking, blogging, billboards and many more.

2. Sea Games - Everyone i think very familiar on this.

3. si Mang Inasal - one of the biggest food chain company here in the Philippines.

Ilan lang sila sa malalaking at kilalang pangalan sa industry na naghanda talaga upang ang 11.11.11 ay maging mas remarkable to everyone!