Cebu Pacific Citibank Card Promo

Get a free one-way ticket to any
destination when you get approved by October 15, 2011.

Get everything you need from a credit card designed for the Juan who flies Cebu Pacific.

Enjoy advanced seat sale alerts and book free flights without restrictions.


    Advanced notices on seat sales
    Receive free SMS and email alerts 2 hours before seat sales are announced to the public.

    Earn CEB Points anywhere
    Earn never-expiring CEB Points. Every peso charged to your card is equivalent to 1 CEB Point.

    Free flights without restrictions
    Redeem CEB Points as e-Vouchers and book online without restrictions on fares and destinations.

    Your CEB Points will be reflected on your monthly statement. To redeem as e-Vouchers, call CitiPhone at 995 9999.
    You will be sent the e-Voucher with the voucher number which you can use when you book online at

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FAQs for the Cebu Pacific Citibank Card

    1. What are the minimum income requirements in order to qualify for Cebu Pacific card?
    Applicants must earn minimum of P250,000 per annum to qualify.

    2. How much are the annual membership fees for the Cebu Pacific - Citibank Card?
    It's P2,800 for the principal card, P1,400 for supplementary card/s. Annual membership fees are waived on the first year.

    3. How do I accumulate CEB points? Where do I have to spend in order to receive CEB Points?
    Just use your Cebu Pacific Citibank Card in purchasing any retail transaction in any Citibank Merchant establishment and you will earn CEB Points.

    4. Will I be able to get updates on how many CEB Points I have when I call Citi Phone hotline?
    Yes, Cardmembers can call Citiphone to check on how many CEB points his/her account has.

    5. How much CEB Points will I earn for every peso spent using the Cebu Pacific Card?
    1 Peso Spent = 1 CEB Point

    6. Will I see an update of my CEB points in my statement of account?
    The total CEB Points you have earned to date will be displayed on the front page of your statement.

    7. How much CEB points do I have to accumulate in order to exchange for an E-Voucher?
    Cardholder needs to accumulate minimum of 25,000 CEB Points in order to redeem a Cebu Pacific E-Voucher worth P250.

    8. Are CEB points convertible to cash?
    CEB Points are only convertible to E-Vouchers. They are not convertible to cash or other rewards.

    9. Will my CEB points expire?
    No, CEB Points never expire.

    10. After I call Citiphone officer, how soon will I receive my E-voucher in my email?
    Cardholder will receive E-Voucher in their registered email after approximately 7-10 business days.

    11. How can I redeem my E-voucher?
    To redeem your e-voucher, all you need to do is call Citiphone and request to convert your CEB Points to E-voucher. Your CEB Points can be redeemed starting October 1, 2011.

    12. How can I book my ticket using the E-Voucher?
    • Step 1: Call Citiphone and convert your CEB Points to e-voucher
    • Step 2: A Voucher Authentication email will be sent to your email account
    • Step 3: Complete the voucher authentication and member validation
    • Step 4: Once Authentication was completed the E-voucher will be emailed to your account
    • Step 5: Go to Cebu Pacific Air’s website ( and use your E-voucher as a mode of payment when you buy your ticket

    13. What if my email containing my E-voucher gets hacked?
    It is adviseable to contact Citiphone officer immediately in order to update email.

    14. How many E-voucher denominations are available?
    There are 3 E-Voucher denominations available: P250, P500 and P1,000.

    15. How do I compute for my free E-vouchers?
    You could use the ratio: for every P100 spent on the card, you will receive P1.00 worth of Cebu Pacific E-Voucher.

    16. Do I need to register in Cebu Pacific website in order to use my E-voucher?
    Yes, you have to register in Cebu Pacific website.

    17. When I pay for my Itinerary ticket using my E-Voucher, can I pay for remaining balance if my card is maxed out?
    No. Card must have enough balance in order to complete the transaction.

    18. While booking and using my E-voucher online, can I pay for balance amount using another Citibank credit card aside from the Cebu Pacific Card?
    No, Balance amount can only be paid using the Cebu Pacific - Citibank Card.

    19. Can I print my E-voucher then bring it to a Cebu Pacific ticket office to pay for an Itinerary ticket?
    No. E- Voucher is only for online booking. There would be no option for cardholder to print E-Voucher.

    20. Can I combine and use several E-vouchers to book one ticket?
    Yes, you can combine several E-Vouchers to book one ticket.

    21. Will my E-voucher expire?
    Yes, the E-Vouchers expire 2 years after they are generated by the system. Expiration date is indicated in an E-Voucher.

    22. Can my E-voucher be converted to cash?
    No, E-Vouchers cannot be converted to cash.

    23. Are we entitled to any free baggage allowance for flights booked using e-vouchers?
    LITE Fares do not include any free baggage allowance.

    24. Can I use the E-voucher to purchase prepaid baggage ?Can I use the E-voucher to purchase additional prepaid baggage if I already have an existing prepaid baggage?
    Yes, E- Vouchers can be used to purchase prepaid baggage allowance .Purchase of additional prepaid baggage is subject to current Cebu Pacific's Terms & Conditions.

    25. What happens if the flight is cancelled due to fortuitous reasons? Will we get our tickets / E-voucher back?
    Flight cancellation is subject to Cebu Pacific's current terms and conditions.

    26. What happens when I cancel my booked flight?
    Cancellation of booked flights is subject to Cebu Pacific's current booking terms and conditions.

    27. Will cardholders be informed of all seat sale alerts? Or major seat sales only?
    Cardholders will be sent alerts for all seat sales.

    28. When will I receive seat sale alerts? When will I be able to book my flight?
    You will receive seat sale alerts 2 hours before it is announced to the public. You may book your flight on the Cebu Pacific website after you are notified.

    29. What if I don't have a mobile number that I use?
    All Cebu Pacific - Citibank Cardholders are required to have a valid mobile number in order to receive advanced seat sale alerts.

    30. Should my registered mobile number be postpaid or prepaid?
    Both postpaid and prepaid numbers on all the local Philippine mobile networks are valid to receive seat sale alerts.

    31. What if I don't have an email address?
    All Cebu Pacific - Citibank Cardholders are required to have a valid email address in order to receive advanced seat sale alerts.

    32. Will I still receive advanced seats sale alerts via SMS if I am abroad?
    Yes, as long as your network provides you this service.

    33. How can I avail my welcome gift?
    Approved principal cardholders will receive their Welcome Gift voucher in their Card Welcome Kit which they could redeem in Cebu Pacific Ticket Offices.

    34. Which flights can I book for my welcome gift?
    You can book flights to all Cebu Pacific destinations except Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and Caticlan.

    35. The welcome gift is one-way to my selected destination, how do I book and pay for the returning one-way ticket?
    You must use the Cebu Pacific - Citibank Card to pay for the returning one-way ticket.

    36. What other offers can I enjoy with the Cebu Pacific Citibank Card?
    You may also avail of these exclusive Citibank credit card privileges promos:
    1. Citibank World Privileges
    2. PayLite OneBill Citi Mobile

    37. What are VISA Platinum Privileges?
    Please visit or call Philippine toll-free hotline +1800 1441 0014 for travel privileges.

    38. Since the Cebu Pacific - Citibank Card is a VISA Platinum card, will the VISA platinum travel rewards apply?
    Yes, VISA platinum travel rewards apply. Please refer to for travel rewards updates.

    39. What are the differences between the Cebu Pacific Citibank Card and the Metrobank Go Mastercard?
    The Cebu Pacific Citibank Card is an airline cobrand card while the Robinsons Cebu Pacific Mastercard is a JG Summit conglomerate card for Robinsons and Cebu Pacific with Metrobank Card Corporation.

    40. What are the differences between the Cebu Pacific Citibank Card and the Citibank PremierMiles card?
    Cebu Pacific Citibank Card is exclusively Citibank's travel card for Cebu Pacific, while Citibank PremierMiles is Citibank's travel card with several international airline partners.

    41. What are the Customer Service Numbers of Citibank?
    Manila : 995-9888 Cebu: 234-9888 Other Provinces : (02) 995-9888