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  • Beverly Hills 6750 Multi-Specialty Aesthetic Institute is Asia's latest premiere center dedicated to excellence!
  • Chic interiors lets you feel pampered along with excellent, professional service.
  • Beverly Hills 6750 uses only premium treatments and the latest in beauty skin technology.
  • More than just a diamond peel! Glow Peel is a triple combination of diamond peel, Anti-aging mask and Light Therapy.
  • Instant results! Lose from 2 to 5cm after just one session of Ultrasonic Cavitation
  • Define your cheeks and jaw with RF Facial Contouring.
  • Flash a bright, white smile after your Oral Prophylaxis.
  • Choose from 2 prime locations – Timog Ave and Rockwell Center

Tap into the secret beauty weapon of celebrities. Zap away wrinkles and flab brought by the years with these illuminated CashCashPinoy deals from Beverly Hills 6750

Only P1,699 instead of P3,400 for a Glow Peel. At 50% OFF, it’s a triple punch against aging with diamond peel, to gently scrape off dead skin; Beta-C anti-aging mask to detoxify and Light Therapy to tighten skin. This powerful mask is infused with vitamins, enzymes and nutrients that fight free radicals and detoxify skin. Next, you’ll be rid of wrinkles with Light therapy. Using (633 nm) red light emitting diodes (LEDs), it stimulates the skin’s healing process resulting in tighter, more youthful skin.

Only P1,299 instead of P 4,800 for 1 session of Ultrasonic Cavitation. Choose your target area - arms, tummy or thighs. At 73% OFF, you can lose from 2 to 5 cm in your problem area. Wave goodbye to sagging arms and orange-skin thighs. This procedure uses ultrasonic waves to break up fatty deposits and tightens skin. Fat then gets expunged through the body’s lymphatic system. Average of 8-12 sessions are needed to achieve the perfect body.

Only P899 instead of P4,000 for an RF Facial Contouring. At 78% OFF, their professional staff will polish away wrinkles through radiofrequency. The Apollo TM, powered by Tripolar TM technology, is a safe and effective device for the treatment of excess fat and body contouring. The treatment is painless and pleasant even when performed on sensitive areas with sagging and loose skin such as the inner thighs the arms, the neck and the face. The treatment is suitable for patients following pregnancy, liposuction or dramatic weight loss who have excessive loose skin. With Apollo, you prevent the effects of aging and gravity while pampering with great service, impeccable results, and a truly incredible Beverly Hills experience.

Only P499 instead of P1,000 for Oral Prophylaxis. We’re offering you half off on bright, pearly whites sure to complement your flawless skin. Cleaning isn’t just for aesthetics, it prevents infection and dental deterioration. Cleaning, scaling and polishing of the teeth done in every 6 months and serves as maintenance for a good oral hygiene.

Beverly Hills 6750 is the premiere multi-specialty aesthetics center. They adhere to international standards in all their treatments and procedures, making them a favorite among celebrities and high-profile clients. This is the ultimate beauty center offering aesthetic plastic surgery, weight loss management, cosmetic dentistry services and more.

Bring out an attractive, luminous you with these deals from Beverly Hills 6750. Radiate beauty from the inside, out with these CashCashPinoy deals.

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