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  • Organic Body Bleach with Machine + Gluta Mask targets the discoloration problems on the body such as underarms, elbows, knees, nape, and thighs to ensure an even fair skin.
  • The first step to whitening is exfoliating and scrubbing to remove dead skin cells. 
  • Applying Gluta Mask Treatment to any discolored part of the body such as underarms, knees, elbows, and nape will help reveal a new and healthy skin cell.
  • High frequency machine’s antibacterial property kills harmful bacteria and rejuvenates the skin anew.
  • Galvanic spa machine allows deep penetration of the Gluta Mask Treatment to the skin.
  • Procedure results to a whiter, healthy, and glowing skin that’s sure to make heads turn.
  • Ten sessions done every week are required to achieve maximum whitening results.
Golden Rules
  • Voucher is valid November 02, 2011 to May 02, 2012.
  • Valid on Whole Body Bleaching, Galvanic Technology and Gluta Mask Treatment Package
  • Buy as many vouchers as you like
  • Appointment should be made at least one day ahead of redemption, to ensure better slots.
  • For no show of scheduled buyers, scheduled slot will be given to others and voucher is forfeited.
  • Notify the Salon of cancellation or change in schedule 24 hours before reserved date to avoid forfeiture of voucher. 
  • For best results, 10 sessions done weekly is recommended.
  • Service hours are 08:00AM to 8:00PM (last call at 7:00PM), Mondays to Saturday
  • For inquiries and reservations, call Tel: +632 788 1782 / 0920 9100848 / 09196883842
  • See Universal Golden Rules.
Simply Gorgeous - Whole Body Bleach - - The First Group Buying Site in the Philippines

Enjoy white skin all over your body!

Simply Gorgeous - Whole Body Bleach - - The First Group Buying Site in the Philippines

No more problem areas, just hot spots of flawless beauty

Underarms, nape, elbows, knees, and inner thighs are the most common hyperpigmentation “hotspots”. This skin problem is caused by several factors including genetics, friction, too much sun exposure, skin injuries, and even hormonal changes in the body (eg. during pregnancy).
Natural whitening remedies include applying lemon, honey, and baking soda to affected areas. Their whitening effects take longer time though. Whitening products such as creams, lotions, soaps, and peeling kits are available almost everywhere but are not effective at all.
Get your money’s worth with the perfect whitening solution exclusively offered by BUYanihan. For only P400, enjoy an Organic Body Bleach with Machine + Gluta Mask treatments that’s sure to solve your dark, problematic areas. Simply click the BUY button and impress the people around you with your Snow White-like skin from head to toe!
Leave your worries behind as the treatment will be carried out by Simply Gorgeous professional staff who trained under YJC Beauty Center and TESDA.
Scrubbing or exfoliating the hyperpigmented part is necessary to remove dead skin cells that cause skin darkening. After cleaning the affected area, High Frequency machine---which gives germicidal, drying, healing, relaxing, toning, and stimulating effects on the skin--will be used for the next procedure. The machine’s electrode will be applied on the dried, clean area and will work in a circulation motion for 3 to 5 minutes.
Tiny White Solution is directly applied to the skin as Gluta Mask. The galvanic spa machine helps the solution’s whiteners to deeply penetrate all layers of the skin to get the full whitening benefits of Tiny White Solution.
Whitening the skin doesn’t happen in a snap. Get that Snow White-like skin you wanted by availing 10 sessions, performed every week only at Simply Gorgeous Salon and Spa located in Paranaque City.